Book Your Lunch With Jean Hunt

Jean Hunt

Jean Hunt

Wed., February 27, 2013, 12pm
@ Twigs Tempietto, $25 per person
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Greenville children’s author Jean Hunt has written Book 3 in the continuing story of adventurous pals Mattie and Bogie, in her new book, Pirate Tales and Musical Trails: Bogey, Mattie and Tucker Discover Hidden Treasure (United Writers Press, paperback, $15.00).

Pirate Tales & Musical TrailsIs the whole town talking about Mattie? How did a frog get into the punch bowl at the church picnic?  The trouble starts when Mattie secretly invites Bogey, the plantation cat, and Tucker, the lab, plus a deer, a frog, a raccoon and two squirrels in the church. Mattie’s plan to smooth things over sparks an unusual twist when her forest friends uncover buried treasure leading them to meet a famous pirate. Mattie and the animals are forced to make a tough decision that affects the entire town.

Set on the grounds of a plantation on the coast, Jean Hunt’s books lead readers to explore marshes, woodlands and learn about forest animals. A spunky young girl, Mattie makes discoveries about friendships, bravery and wildlife through adventures with a special cat named Bogey. These books encourage children (ages 5-15) to love and appreciate nature and the environment.

Profits from book sales are donated to organizations that benefit animals and wildlife.

About the author:

Jean Hunt‘s inspiration for these books began when she and her husband bought a home that was once part of an old plantation on the coast of South Carolina. Wildlife and animals live on the land that is surrounded by huge oak trees, marshes and woodlands and is the setting for the story. Out of the woods strolled the cat they named Bogey. He brought with him a raccoon and a squirrel. The three adventurous animals settled into a peaceful routine in their new home. Jean based her stories on these amusing characters and her love for nature and animals.

Bogey was shy at first but after much thought, he decided he liked Jean and her husband.  His timing for love, friendship and nurturing could not have been more perfect. Every day the Hunts drove to a Charleston hospital for cancer treatments. Somehow Bogey sensed he could help and took his job very seriously. He waited patiently on the porch for their return each afternoon. Bogey insisted Jean and her husband relax and enjoy the marsh wildlife and introduced them to his furry friends. The rest became a beautiful story of love, friendship and devotion between a cat and his adopted family. Bogey now spends his time greeting guests that come to visit his family’s cottage. They all leave with a sense that they have met an amazing cat named Bogey.

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